Mindful Walking Therapy

Mindful Walking Therapy is based on the principles of exercise and wellbeing, evidence based psychological therapy, and inspired by the work of psychotherapist William Pullen and Dynamic Running Therapy. The aim is to combine talking therapy approaches with mindfulness, and the benefits of simple exercise/movement when out in nature.

* please note, whilst this is a walking session, this is not an exercise/fitness session, it is primarily a therapy session. 

Mindful Walking Therapy is offered for people experiencing a range of difficulties including anxiety, depression, stress, panic, PTSD, relationship difficulties, obesity, weight issues, and post-natal depression.  


Mindful Walking Therapy Sessions are offered in local open spaces in Surrey as we agree together.  

An initial consultation in the therapy room or online, is provided first to chat about the approach and how therapy can help. Following this the walking sessions can begin in open spaces, incorporating mindfulness with an integrative therapy approach (integrating CBT, ACT, explorative, narrative and motivational approaches).

Mindful Walking Therapy is a lovely, refreshing, grounding way to explore therapy whilst also being outdoors, in the fresh air, being gently active, and still gaining all the benefits of a talking therapy session. 

If you would be interested in finding out more about Mindful Walking Therapy please do get in touch, and we can chat more, Emma x