Coronavirus Policy 

We are experiencing uncertain times. The following information has been written to support and to inform you about how to engage with your Clinical Psychology Services during this time.



  • Keep yourself informed but balance this with not being overwhelmed with the 24 hour news process. Aim to review the news 1-2 x a day. Obtain your information from reliable reputable sources such as NHS and WHO or the UK Government website.  

  • Look after your mental health at this time. Anxiety around Coronavirus can be upsetting and stressful. Please see the  highlight added to Empower Psychology Instagram page where Dr Cotterill will add and share useful posts which have informative, helpful, supportive and kind advice related to these uncertain times.

  • Be kind. Support others. Minimise panic buying. Look out for others in the community. Donate to food banks.  Maintain responsible and appropriate social distancing. 

For your Clinical Psychology Sessions 

  • Due to the fast changing situation, Clinical Psychology sessions will now be held via video link (e.g. zoom which is a secure platform)

  • Face to face sessions will only continue to be held at this time if considered urgent/essential above video sessions. Please contact Dr Cotterill to discuss. In the first instance these can be via walking therapy sessions outdoors, or if not possible in the therapy room.  It is likely this may change in coming weeks.

  • If face to face sessions are agreed the following will be in place: Dr Cotterill will follow safe hygiene practices; Social distancing will be in place - we will not shake hands and will aim to stay a meter away; Surfaces in the therapy room will be sanitized regularly. However please keep in mind the therapy room is in a shared business building (the business owners have all committed to carrying out safe hygiene practices); If you would like to wash your hands before /after your session please do - there is a shared kitchen with anti bacterial wash and paper towels or please use the shared bathrooms

  • If you have symptoms of coronavirus (new and persistent cough, fever) please stay home and follow advice to self isolate and do not attend your session. 

  • If you someone in your household or whom you have been in contact with has coronavirus please follow advice regarding self isolation (currently 14 days).

  • If you have recently returned from travelling to an affected country please follow appropriate self isolation advice. 

  • Dr Cotterill works with vulnerable clients, and we all have loved ones who are vulnerable to being more at risk from the coronavirus so we will all work together to keep each other safe. 

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