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FlukeView Forms Version 3.3

FlukeView Forms Version 3.3

FlukeView Forms is a software application that allows you to download, analyze, and report data from various Fluke test tools. FlukeView Forms can help you solve problems faster, document your findings, and create professional reports. FlukeView Forms is compatible with Windows XP, Windows Vista, Windows 7, Windows 8 and Windows 10.


FlukeView Forms comes in two versions: Basic and Plus Designer. The Basic version enables you to download data from your meter and create reports using two standard forms. The Plus Designer version allows you to edit existing forms or create new forms to customize your reports. You can also view data from up to eight different meters simultaneously, print all the data for a single table, and import data from other sources .

FlukeView Forms supports a wide range of Fluke test tools, including multimeters, thermometers, process meters, power quality analyzers, air quality meters, and particle counters. You can find the complete list of supported instruments on the Fluke website .

To use FlukeView Forms, you need a cable to connect your meter to your PC. Depending on your meter model, you may need a USB cable, an IR-USB cable, or an RS-232 cable. You can purchase the cable separately or as part of a FlukeView Forms kit that includes the software and the cable.

If you already have FlukeView Forms version 3.0 or later, you can download the latest version 3.8 for free from the Fluke website. Version 3.8 includes several improvements and new features over version 3.6, such as:

  • Added instrument support for the Fluke FC 3000 family and the Fluke CNX 3000 family.

  • Implemented a "Copy to Form" for new AutoHold values from a Fluke 289.

  • Made the "Export data.." settings sticky.

  • Modified Logging Setup for the Fluke 45, 8808A, 8845A/8846A.

  • Bug fixes and performance enhancements.

If you have an older version of FlukeView Forms (less than 3.0), you need to purchase the new software. You can also upgrade from FlukeView Forms Basic to FlukeView Forms Plus Designer with the FlukeView Forms Upgrade (FVF-UG) .

FlukeView Forms is a powerful tool that can help you get the most out of your Fluke test tools. Whether you need to troubleshoot, document, or report your measurements, FlukeView Forms can make your job easier and faster.


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