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Dr Emma Cotterill
Principal Clinical Psychologist
Empower Psychology Director

If you find yourself here reading this, you may be considering psychological therapy sessions for you or for someone close to you.  It is very important to find the right person to talk to, to help you, or your loved one.

To let you know a bit about me, I’m Emma, and I am a Principal Clinical Psychologist, Chartered with the British Psychological Society and registered with the HCPC. And I am I writer.  In 2021 my first book was published by Welbeck Publishing: How to Support Someone with Depression. I have since co-written Surviving Solo Motherhood, and recently completed Your Mental Health Toolkit; and am working on further writing projects today.   As well as a psychologist, I’m also a parent, a friend, daughter, sibling, aunty, partner, and colleague. I love fitness, paddle boarding, kayaking, reading, listening to music and I love a musical.

I have been a qualified Clinical Psychologist for over 16 years and I am passionate about psychology. I love to support people individually, and also working with groups, in workplaces, with staff teams, and providing training.  I developed Empower Psychology so that I can offer psychological therapy to empower and inspire you to live a life that is meaningful for you, that brings you happiness and enables you to feel empowered from within. I hope to help you to understand the difficulties you are going through and to find a way through these difficulties, to have the tools to cope when times are challenging, and to feel good and believe in yourself again.  

I have worked with many incredible people, and I am honoured to have been able to hear people’s stories, sit with them through the painful times and help them find a way towards brighter days. I support anyone who may be struggling with an area of their life, whatever that may be. Some of the experiences that have brought people to therapy include: trauma and PTSD, grief and loss, the experience of motherhood (and/or post natal depression), depression, navigating divorce, stress, anxiety, panic, OCD, eating difficulties, phobias, physical health difficulties, relationships difficulties, life changes. Through my work I have supported people with mental health challenges, physical disabilities, learning disabilities and neuropsychological difficulties. In addition I work with people prior to elective cosmetic or facial surgery, offering psychological support and evaluation. I can also support parents who are navigating the path of supporting their child who have questions around gender identity.  

As part of my work I also am passionate about supporting psychologists, therapists, and any health professional who may benefit from a therapeutic space. 

I am very mindful that we are all unique and individual and so I offer different choices of therapy and different therapy locations for you. I have a lovely quiet therapy room in Esher, where I offer sessions. I also can meet you outside, for a walking therapy session. Or  we can speak via an online session, where you can grab a cup of tea and we can talk from the comfort of your home or work if this suits you best. I have gained experience and training in a range of different therapy approaches and I hope to draw on these as needed to support you the best. 

When you come to a therapy session, my hope is that you feel welcome, and at ease to share your story. I hope to provide a space where we can talk and I can listen. You will have the space to help me understand what you have been through, and to express all the thoughts and emotions that this brings.  I hope to help by working together to create a shared understanding of your experience, drawing on my clinical experience and knowledge, and your knowledge of you, and your world. We can then begin to think about the psychological and practical tools and strategies that can help you, drawing on the therapy approaches that I use, finding the best approaches to suit you. I hope to work flexibly, creatively, empoweringly to help us find a way through the difficulties together.

If you are reading this, I want you to understand that help and support is out here. I want you to know that talking therapies can help. I want you to have hope that things can change, can feel differently. And I want you to know whilst you may be struggling you are not broken. You are not a failure. You are not weak. You are here. You are amazing. You are brave. You are deserving of the time and support to overcome the challenges you are facing. We are all human and we all struggle at times. Including myself. Yet with help and care and support we can find a way through.

If you would like to get in touch please do.  Take Care, Emma x

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