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Therapy Services

Therapy Approaches & Interventions offered: 

Psychological Therapy

Psychological therapy provides you with the space to talk about difficulties you have experienced in the past or presently, to have the space to explore your thoughts and feelings, and to think about how you may like things to be different or to move forward in your life.

Sessions start with an initial consultation where we meet to talk about the difficulties you are experiencing and how therapy sessions could help. At the end of the initial consultation we can think together about the most suitable way to proceed, whether a number of sessions are recommended, another service would be most helpful for you. The timing and length of therapy will vary for everyone, and we can talk about this together at the initial consultation and also check in about this regularly as the therapy progresses. 

There are different approaches to therapy that may be helpful for you and we can think about these approaches at the initial consultation. I hope to integrate a number of effective therapeutic approaches to suit you.  

If you would like to have a find out a bit  more about therapy and  how it may be able to help, please do get in touch 

As well as supporting people with mental health difficulties, as part of my clinical work I do also specialise in working with brain injury and neurological difficulties. I provide neuro-assessment and neuro-rehabilitation and neuropsychological therapy, working with Allied NeuroTherapy.

I do work mostly with adults, and older teenagers. If you have a younger person who would like support I can highly  recommend Dr Eleanor Clark Child Clinical Psychologist, or Dr Lucy Taylor, both based in Surrey

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