Community Partners

When I began developing my business, Empower Psychology, my aim was always to connect people with a range of approaches, experiences and practitioners for health and wellbeing. I am passionate about thinking widely and creatively about wellbeing, including thinking about our physical health, diet, exercise, and everything that will help benefit our mental health. On this page I will share the community partners I work with, recommend and would encourage you to touch base if you feel this would be beneficial for you. 

Breathe with Leigh


Leigh is a breathwork practitioner offering Transformational Breath sessions. Leigh is also a Holistic Health Coach and Personal Trainer and is passionate about supporting your health and wellbeing.  

Breathwork sessions involve 60-90 minutes sessions focusing on guided slow deep conscious breathing practices to help release anxiety, stress and trauma. A combination of breathing, acupressure and mindfulness practice, breathwork enables us to activate our parasympathetic nervous system (our rest, digest, soothe and relax system) allowing you to engage more deeply with emotions and physical sensations that are held in the mind and body.  

You can read more about Leigh and his work here: 

Breathe With Leigh – Upgrade Your Life with Conscious Breathwork

Sessions are offered at Empower Psychology therapy space in Esher, in addition to online or alternative locations in London and Surrey.  

Katy Bradbury and Co - Executive Coaching 


Katy is an accredited Executive Coach with a Practitioner Diploma in Executive Coaching and BA (Hons) in Business Administration - Marketing. Katy has extensive experience working in business, and is an incredibly positive, inspiring, empowering and supportive coach for anyone looking for self or career development.  

You can also read more about Katy and the coaching she offers here:





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