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My Books and Guest Blogs/Articles 

I love to read, and I find it can be really helpful to read and learn more about the experiences we may be going through and about the theraputic approaches that can help. I've made a list below of some of my favourite books or resources below for you. 


Clinical articles (Dr Cotterill /Shepherd) 

  • Cotterill, E, Gillmore, C., Cassell, E., Mclymont, D., Clark, E. (2011). Exploring the how’s and why’s of being involved in a Recently Qualified Group. Clinical Psychology Forum, 225.

  • Cawley, M., Cotterill, E., & Liddiard, H. (2011). Development, process and practicalities of providing a Women’s Sexuality and Relationship Group within a Community Learning Disability Team. Clinical Psychology and People with Learning Disabilities, 9 (2-3).

  • Cotterill, E. & Redfern, J. (2009). Developing a Clinical Psychology role along a stroke pathway. Poster Presentation. DCP/FCHP Conference, London

  • Shepherd, E., & Rosebert, C. (2007). Setting up and evaluating a reflective practice group. Clinical Psychology Forum, 172, 31-34.

  • Henry, J., Smart, L, Shepherd, E., Russell, A., Goldstein, L., Liddiard, H., Ambery, F (2008) Neuropsychological assessment of adults with intellectual disability; A pilot study to assess feasibility and develop normative data.(prepared for submission).

  • Shepherd, E (2003). Putting it all to use. The Psychologist, 16 (9), 485.

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