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Contact Dr Emma or her associates at Empower Psychology

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Please get in touch anytime, if you would like to find out more about therapy sessions, or how we may be able to help. You can get in touch if you have a question for yourself or someone else or if you would like to book a session. I am grateful for your patience as we always hope to reply within 48 hours. You may want to be mindful to keep the details brief in your email to protect your privacy through email. I know that sometimes it can feel a big step to reach out for support. Be proud of yourself for doing so. Emma x 

For initial enquiries please email us: 

Replies to your enquiry may filter into your junk mail, so do keep an eye on this. If you would like a text notification when I have replied to your email, please add your mobile number bellow. 

Please note by contacting Empower Psychology you are consenting to your data being collected and stored/used as required for the purposes of providing a Clinical Psychology Service, and enabling us to contact/respond to you in line with GDPR (data protection regulation) requirements. Please contact Empower Psychology for a copy of the GDPR Policy if required. 

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