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Surviving Solo Motherhood 

Amy Rose and Dr Emma Cotterill 

I am very excited to be able to share my second book with you, which is available now (publication March 2022 -please see links below, or ask your local bookshop)

This book is aimed at supporting single mothers on their journey through single motherhood.  

Solo motherhood is a challenging, emotional and incredible experience. There is no doubt it has a significant impact on wellbeing and mental health, with emotional experiences including grief, guilt, anger, shame, sadness, and anxiety. In this book we talk about all these experiences as well as how you can move from powerless to powerful, looking after yourself and finding your joy.  

We hope you find this book a source of support, kindness, useful advice, and encouragement as well as hearing stories from other single mothers and focusing on self care for you in your solo motherhood journey. 

Emma xx 

Surviving Solo Motherhood Book
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