Online Therapy Sessions 

Clinical Psychology sessions held via video link, using Zoom, a safe and secure GDPR compliant service. During the current health pandemic Dr Cotterill will be offering sessions via video link, drawing on a range of therapy approaches (ACT, CBT, EMDR etc) as agreed with you, to support you. 

Single Session Therapy Sessions 


Based on CBT approaches, these sessions are appropriate to deal with specific problems in a brief time limited way (within one session). This is suitable if you have a specific issue you would like support to make sense of and reach a solution or more positive action plan or way of coping that will help make a difference.  This approach has been developed by Professor Windy Dryden and is very effective in providing targeted and focused help and support.     

Course of Therapy Sessions - CBT, ACT, Mindfulness  

A series of therapy sessions, as agreed with you and your therapist (this may be 6, 10, 12, 20 + as required), typically utilising Cognitive Behaviour Therapy, Acceptance and Commitment Therapy, and Mindfulness as suitable for you, and in line with research and evidence base for best practice.   

EMDR Sessions 

EMDR Sessions typically require a short course of sessions (6-12). EMDR can help with overcoming trauma, as well as a range of mental health difficulties, and helps you reprocess difficult emotional experiences in a positive and effective way. This is a unique and highly effective therapy. You can find out more about EMDR here:

Mindful Walking Therapy 

Therapy sessions provided in a outdoor environment incorporating the principles of Mindfulness, CBT/ACT and the benefits of walking, fresh air, nature and gentle movement. 

Sleep Management Sessions 

Provided via face to face sessions or online (video call) Sleep Management Sessions help to make sense of sleep problems incorporating CBT, mindfulness and relaxation, with sleep hygiene and education to improve sleep.