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How to Help Someone with Depression

I am very excited to be able to share my first book with you, which is available now (publication in September 2021 -please see links below, or ask your local bookshop)

This book is aimed at helping family, friends, colleagues, loved ones of someone with depression. It aims to help you navigate how you can be a supporter, and take care of yourself too. 

It can be a difficult journey to support a loved one with depression and sometimes you can feel stuck, alone, frustrated, worried, overwhelmed and more. This book aims to help you navigate this journey to enable you to be able to stay on the journey as a supporter, to be kind, empowering and helpful, whilst also looking after yourself and your wellbeing. 

I hope you find this book a source of support, kindness, useful advice, and encouragement as well as self care for you and your loved one 

Emma xx 

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