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Hd Video Songs 1080p Blu Ashoka The Hero

Hd Video Songs 1080p Blu Ashoka The Hero

Ashoka The Hero is a 2011 Indian animated film written and directed by Gaurav Jain. It tells the story of an eight-year-old boy who inherits a magical medallion from Emperor Ashoka and becomes a superhero. The film features some catchy songs composed by Justin-Uday and sung by Shibani Kashyap. Here are some of the best HD video songs from the film that you can enjoy in 1080p Blu-ray quality.

  • : This is the title track of the film, which introduces the main character and his powers. The song is upbeat and energetic, with a rock and pop fusion. Shibani Kashyap lends her voice to this song, which has lyrics by Rekha Nigam.

  • : This is an instrumental track that plays during the climax of the film, when Ashoka faces the evil forces that threaten to destroy the world. The track is soothing and inspiring, with a blend of Indian classical and western orchestral music. Justin-Uday create a beautiful melody that captures the emotions of the scene.

You can watch these HD video songs and more on the official website of the film or on YouTube. You can also buy or rent the film on various online platforms. Ashoka The Hero is a fun and adventurous film that will appeal to kids and adults alike. It is India's first animated superhero film and a tribute to the legendary emperor Ashoka.



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