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Transform Your Outdoor Space with Close The Deal Pergolas.

You know, sometimes you really want to create your own corner of comfort and tranquility, a place where you can hide from the bustle of the city and enjoy moments of silence. My new aluminum pergola from Close The Deal has become just such a corner for me. I would never have thought that something so functional could be so stylish and versatile.

When I first saw the pergola in the catalog, I was immediately attracted by its elegant design and ease of operation. Roof blinds are simply a brilliant solution! Imagine how pleasant it is to open them in the morning, letting in sunlight and birdsong, and close them in the evening, creating an atmosphere of comfort and security. This pergola has become an ideal place for me to relax in the fresh air, where I can work, play with children, and receive guests.

Each aluminium pergola gazebo in our collection is crafted with precision and durability, ensuring long-lasting enjoyment and style.

Choosing the color was a real challenge. Black, gray or white? Each color is beautiful in its own way and fits harmoniously into any design. I settled on gray as it matched the furniture and decor of my garden perfectly. Plus, the gray color gives the design a modern and sophisticated look, which I really liked.

Now about how this pergola changed my life. I have always dreamed of a place where I could spend more time with my family outdoors. With the pergola, we began to have family dinners outside much more often. It has become a real ritual to get together, grill and enjoy every moment. Children love playing under the pergola roof, especially when it rains a little - they feel like they're on an adventure being outside but staying dry.

Working outdoors is a different story altogether. I used to think that I would be distracted by every little thing, but it turned out that on the contrary, the nature around me helps me concentrate. Work meetings under the pergola have become something of a new norm - my colleagues gladly joined this format, and now we spend more and more time outdoors.

At night, the pergola turns into a place for romance. My husband and I often sit in the open air, look at the stars, have long conversations, or just remain silent, enjoying each other's company. At such moments, I especially appreciate the opportunity to open the blinds on the roof - it’s like opening a door to another world, full of magic and peace.

As for the quality, it is really at its best. The pergola is made of high quality aluminum, which makes it strong and durable. It can easily withstand any weather conditions, be it strong wind or rain. I am sure that this design will serve us for many years without losing its appearance and functionality.

Overall, if you're still unsure whether you should update your outdoor space with an aluminum pergola from Close The Deal, all I can say is that it's worth it! This was one of the best purchases of my life and I am absolutely happy with my choice. Don't miss the opportunity to create your own little outdoor haven where you can enjoy every moment of life with your family and friends.


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